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There’s no question that digital customer engagement is a priority, for both consumers and brands. Consumers are demanding more than ever from the brands they do business with - highly personalized offers and immediate responses. And the good news is, brands are doing their best to stay ahead of rising expectations, with 97% expecting their investment in digital customer engagement to nearly double in the next three years.

But consumers and brands aren’t aligned on everything. When it comes to privacy, consumers want control of their data and no cookies. However, brands aren’t quite there. Eighty-one percent still rely on third-party data, and only 60% of brands are prepared for a world where third-party data is not available. That world is coming soon, considering that Google Chrome will deprecate cookies by the end of 2024 and already, almost one in three consumers always or often opt to reject cookie offers on websites. So what does this all mean for you?

Join customer experience futurist, Blake Morgan, and Twilio Chief Customer Officer, Glenn Weinstein, as we unveil the 2023 State of Customer Engagement Report and share how you can drive customer loyalty and revenue, even amidst economic headwinds. You will walk away with an understanding of:
- How customer engagement helps brands adapt to shifting market conditions and consumer preferences
- How to unlock elite customer experiences with real-time data
- What it takes to protect customer privacy and still deliver high-quality personalization

Following the keynote, join us for a special breakout session (starts at 45:40):
How Camping World is leveraging data to unlock ROI

In a competitive landscape, making the customer experience easy and memorable is a top priority for many companies, and one way to differentiate, but that can be a challenge. It requires a thorough understanding of customers’ behaviors and preferences - not just guessing what they want, but actually knowing.

Camping World is the premier one-stop-shop for all RV and camping needs, serving millions of customers across 42 states. They have leveraged Segment to become more intelligent about their customers, and applied that knowledge to enhance personalization and ROI at every digital touchpoint.

Join us for a conversation with Brad Greene, Senior Director of Marketing Technology at Camping World, on how their company has seen immediate improvements in lead conversion through personalization.

During this session, we’ll hear about the value Camping World has seen from implementing a customer data platform. You will walk away with insights into:
- How to better understand how customers are interacting with your brand
- How to solve data inconsistencies and use data to identify opportunities
- How to better target marketing spend and maximize conversion rates

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