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Businesses are undergoing a seismic shift and the future belongs to those who embrace change. With customer expectations constantly on the rise, brands must innovate to stay ahead in a competitive market. That means delivering seamless and personalized customer experiences. Because if you don’t, customers will take their business to another brand that does.

So what does it take to win? Where do you start? How do you differentiate?

Join us as we welcome former Amazon executive and business strategist, John Rossman, alongside Twilio CMO, Joyce Kim, for a discussion on the secrets behind Amazon’s success and how you can apply them to win in this digital era. Rossman has authored three books on his learnings from Amazon and will share those insights in this session to help you drive growth.

You’ll walk away with an understanding of:
- How to balance operational excellence with innovation
- Best practices for truly being customer centric
- An understanding of how to establish a culture of metrics and accountability

Following the keynote, join us for a special breakout session titled:
How Good Eggs Drives Efficient Business Growth with Real-Time Customer Data

Today, business growth looks dramatically different than it did a year ago. Strategic business leaders are doubling down on sustainable paths to growth, such as long-term customer loyalty.

Digital farmers market, Good Eggs, delivers fresh groceries straight to their customers’ doors. In 2022, their team decided their north star metric was to convert 30% of all users to monthly active users; they achieved that by unlocking the power of their customer data.

Join Rishabh Sharma, Senior Engineering Manager at Good Eggs and Steve Schuler, Director of Product Marketing at Twilio Segment for a conversation on how their team:
- Leveraged real-time data to personalize messaging and increase customer LTV
- Analyzed their audience to identify and activate against their highest opportunities for conversion
- Plans to use customer-data to drive business growth this year and beyond

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