Digital Innovation Game Changers: Lessons from the NFL

November 07, 2023 at 12:00 PM

Digital Innovation Game Changers: Lessons from the NFL

In today's business landscape, the digital revolution is inescapable, bringing with it a deluge of data, gamechanging AI, and soaring customer expectations – and the sports world is not immune. In fact, the National Football League (NFL) is using these advances in technology to unlock tangible results. They’re leveraging data and omnichannel capabilities to offer fans unprecedented personalized experiences and glean crucial business insights. 

But this digital playbook isn’t exclusive to sports. It serves as a blueprint for IT and business leaders everywhere. 

 Join us for a conversation with Michelle McKenna, former NFL CIO, and Khozema Shipchandler, President of Twilio Communications, as they discuss the integration of technology in the world of sports – from ensuring player safety to harnessing data for an enhanced fan journey – and how this translates to your digital initiatives. With over two decades in leadership roles at iconic institutions like Disney, Universal Studios, and the NFL, McKenna has been at the forefront of blending technology with the human experience. Her endeavors range from orchestrating the NFL's first virtual draft in 2020 to playing a pivotal role in the technological marvel behind launch of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park. 

You will walk away with:
  • The nuances of digital innovation and propelling a brand in today's digital-first era
  • The dynamics of team leadership in transformative initiatives
  • The art of translating tech speak into tangible business impact
  • Khozema Shipchandler
    President of Twilio Communications
  •  Khozema Shipchandler

    Khozema Shipchandler

    President of Twilio Communications
    As President of Twilio Communications, Khozema is responsible for driving efficiency and innovation across the Twilio Communications business to deliver the streamlined experiences that delight hundreds of thousands of businesses across the globe. He brings over 25 years of business experience, most recently serving as Twilio’s Chief Operating Officer & before that as Twilio’s Chief Financial Officer. He previously served in a variety of financial roles at GE, across the Industrial Internet, Aviation and Corporate Audit, in the US, Dubai and Singapore. Khozema earned his bachelor’s degree from Indiana University Bloomington and completed graduate coursework at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He enjoys sports, the great outdoors & reading. He & his family live in Lafayette, CA.
  • Michelle McKenna
    Investment Banker, Author, and former NFL CIO
  •  Michelle McKenna

    Michelle McKenna

    Investment Banker, Author, and former NFL CIO
    Michelle spent over two decades as a senior leader within Disney, Universal Studios, and the NFL leveraging technology to improve the human experience. Michelle brings her technical expertise and leadership acumen to C-Suite executives as they consider how to tackle their toughest challenges. She is a senior advisor and partner at Evercore in technology, media, sports and entertainment M&A banking.

    As CIO of the NFL for 10 Seasons, Michelle was responsible for the NFL’s technology strategy and management of the league’s technology activities, including all in-game technology (statistics, sports betting feeds, replay, communications systems), the in-stadium fan experience, and reaching new fans through data and digital marketing. Implemented The League’s cyber security program, established data science foundation, led the 2020 Virtual Draft and The League’s technology response for tracing and testing of COVID19. Executive Sponsor of NFL’s Women’s Interactive Group. Partnered with NFL Sponsorships to bring in a new era of technology partnerships/sponsorships, and drove the league’s digital transformation.

    Michelle is an experienced Board Director, her strong technology, operations, marketing, and financial background make her both a strategic and operationally insightful member of the boards on which she serves. She is a Partner and Sr. Advisor at Evercore, a wall street investment banking firm. She is on the public board of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) where she is member of the audit committee and was a member of Ring Central’s (RNG) until this past January - where she was a board member since 2015 and served and led various committees. She has served on the public boards of QUOT, SCOR, and NSP. She is an advisor on the National Advisory Board for Advent Health, and board member on the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation.

    Ms. McKenna joined the NFL from Constellation Energy in Baltimore, Maryland where she was the Chief Information Officer. At Constellation, she led the acquisition of competitive energy businesses and the ultimate merger with Exelon. In this capacity, she served as a board advisor and worked closely with the Chairman and CEO.

    She has extensive experience in the media and entertainment industry as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Universal Orlando Resort. In this role, she was responsible for the innovation, oversight and leadership of technology at Universal Orlando Resort, including the launch of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter which included building an entire new theme park and renovation of the reservation, booking, and POS systems across the entire resort.

    Ms. McKenna was also Senior Vice President, CRM & Chief Information Officer at Centex Destination Properties. She had a 13-year career with The Walt Disney Company in a variety of executive positions in Resort Development, Finance, Marketing, Operations and Technology. As Vice President, Information Technology, McKenna led the company’s largest ever technology investment – Destination Disney, a multi-year company strategic initiative to transform the company’s marketing, sales, on-line, and customer relationship management processes. Prior to Disney, Ms. McKenna held positions at MetLife and Pricewaterhouse Coopers as controller and CPA respectively.
Breakout Session

Unlocking digital innovation: AI-powered personalization through data excellence

In an era defined by limitless choices, the realization of what users truly want has become a critical factor in driving business success. AI-powered personalization has emerged as the engine that deciphers user preferences and transforms industries across the board, from streaming platforms to e-commerce. To stay competitive, businesses need to prioritize digital innovation. AI has a critical role to play in the innovation of personalized experiences and driving sustainable business growth. However, two factors stand in the way of companies successfully achieving this: the quality of customer data and the ability to unify and activate it in a secure manner.
During the session you’ll learn:
  • Getting started with AI: The crawl, walk, run approach
  • The critical importance of data privacy and ethical AI practices
  • How Twilio Segment empowers businesses to stay competitive in the digital age by seamlessly merging real-time event and warehouse data for AI and ML models
  • Nupur Bhade Vilas
    Senior Group Product Marketing Manager
    Twilio Segment
  • Nupur Bhade Vilas

    Nupur Bhade Vilas

    Senior Group Product Marketing Manager , Twilio Segment
    Nupur Bhade Vilas is a seasoned product marketer with a strong track record at Twilio, where she has dedicated over six years of her career to shaping and launching various products within the Twilio portfolio. Her contributions have spanned across notable offerings such as Twilio Studio, Twilio Engage, and Twilio CustomerAI. With a deep understanding of the communications technology landscape, Nupur has been instrumental in driving innovation and delivering impactful solutions to Twilio's customers. Currently, Nupur serves as a key leader within Twilio, heading the product marketing team responsible for Twilio's marketing solutions. She holds an MBA degree from Dartmouth College. Beyond her career, Nupur cherishes her role as a parent and enjoys spending quality time with her toddler daughter. Together, they explore the world of museums, aquariums, and libraries, nurturing a love for learning and discovery outside of her professional pursuits.
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