Join Twilio’s AI Startup Searchlight Showcase

March 20, 2024 at 09:00 AM

Hear from pioneers in practical AI application

Wonder what’s happening with AI in real life? With so much potential and a whole lot of buzz, we’re shining a spotlight on the standout startups illuminating the future of communications and customer engagement. Our panel of industry experts selected five inspiring AI Startups that are leveraging both generative AI and Twilio APIs to create unique experiences and solve complex problems across Voice, Email, WhatsApp, Conversations, and SMS. 

During this event, we’ll interview these Searchlight Honorees and discuss how they are making a big impact—on the business world, the technology world, and the long-term well-being of their customers.

Twilio's AI Startup Searchlight

Meet the Judges

Twilio leaders used their industry expertise to identify standout AI Startups that are illuminating the future of communications and customer engagement with AI on Twilio.
Breakout Session

How AI is critical to 1:1 customer engagement that drives real results

AI helps marketers adapt in real time to the moment-to-moment realities of their customers. Companies that do this well see significant gains in upsell and cross sell campaign performance and optimized ad spend. Perhaps best of all, marketers can execute these AI-driven campaigns on their own, when they previously required data scientists to assist with complex data modeling. Join us to learn how today’s marketers are using AI to unlock productivity and drive efficient growth powered by customer data with AI at scale.
Key Takeaways:
  • Understand how AI powers an “engagement flywheel” that makes predictions and engagement better with every customer interaction
  • Learn the ways businesses are using Predictions, Recommendations, and Generative Audiences to drive 1:1 customer engagement
  • Find out how TradeMe improved campaign performance by 20% with CustomerAI
  • Tim Parks
    Senior Director, Product Marketing
    Twilio Segment
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