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There’s a reason that we care so much about happiness. People that are happier are typically healthier, more creative and have more success. And the benefits extend to the business world. Prioritizing the happiness of our employees and customers doesn’t just feel good, it impacts the bottom line.

Customers that are happy with a brand will spend 140% more than those that have a negative experience. They become loyal, repeat customers and spread the world. Conversely, unhappy customers not only tell other people about their negative experience, 25 out of 26 will stop doing business with the brand altogether.

So what can we do to enhance the happiness in our lives and create happy employees and customers?

Join us as we welcome psychologist, Dr. Laurie Santos, alongside Twilio Chief People Officer, Christy Lake, for a discussion on what it takes to lead a happier life and how you can apply these lessons to make your employees and customers happy. Dr. Santos is the professor of Yale’s most popular course ever, “Psychology and the Good Life” and her TED talk has more than three million views.

You’ll walk away from this session with an understanding of:
- What we get wrong about happiness and how to correct it
- Actionable steps you can take to meaningfully improve your life
- Ways to engage that improve employee and customer interactions and satisfaction

Following the keynote join us for the breakout session, How Avant activates real-time data to build trust with customers

Trust is critical to establishing customer loyalty, but how do you earn and maintain that trust? By delivering frictionless personalized experiences, consistently.
Join us for a conversation with Jason Macht, Director of Product Management at Avant — a fintech company empowering its customers to have healthier financial futures by offering clarity, transparency, and trust through their financial journey.

During this session, we will discuss how Avant is using Segment and real-time data to deliver sensitive, real-time engagement across every interaction with customers as they help them secure loans or credit cards and provide financial coaching.

You will walk away with an understanding of:
- How to collect, unify, and activate customer data to deliver privacy-forward customer engagement
- How to create efficient, real-time transparent communications
- How to achieve a single view of each customer to offer tailored effective customer support

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